The early story ;)

As you all may knew, that we (me and mas Adi) were introduced by our friend, Kinon/Nonik (her real name is Anzelma Kariko) who were sit just next to me at the office, a friend for long hours chat over coffee and Baileys, a friend who actually has a totally different character than me but you know sometimes opposite’s attract.. or maybe trapped.. if that’s the word.. haha..

One day, out of nothing, Kinon accompanied me for a lunch at Plaza Senayan foodcourt. we were talking about anything nonsense and too much laugh going on, I guess, and suddenly she was asking like “Hey, are you close with anyone, I mean a guy, right now?” And I couldn’t think to say any name that time and I said “No, why?” Then she told be about a guy she knew from other circle of friends that’s looking for a catholic girl for a relationship. And I was like.. “Really? Why has to be catholic? Is he serious?” Well you never know until you try..

And there is goes, Kinon set up a meet up for me and him, without me knowing it earlier. So didn’t dress properly, my face looked tired after working and voila.. that’s the guy.. I tried very hard to be calmed that moment but since I’m having a bad cough from two days earlier, I couldn’t stop coughing during the meet up, even I couldn’t stop coughing hard for 3 minutes, and he suddenly offered me a glass of water. His order. Mine’s juice order had not arrived yet. So sweet. And I guess that’s the first time he got my attention. Hahaha…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 5.55.55 PM
Our first photo, maybe.. sticks like glue..hahaha..

He paid all the bills and offered to accompany me to wait for my bus in front of Panin near Ratu Plaza. First impression counts and he got me there. But I don’t want to be rushed, we’ll see if he’s asking me for a second meet.

Few days after, no text, no calls, I was wondering if that could be just ended like that. Maybe he didn’t like me. Maybe I’m not his type. But I dared myself to text first, asking if he’s going to church on White/Maundy Thursday, and he replied asking if I want to go to church with him that day. I was like.. okay.. let’s see..

He was looking at me from top to bottom at church as if he’s investigating something but when I asked he said nothing, later I found out he was judging me if I were okay for him for the next stage of dating. Bastard! Haha..

Two weeks after was my first time I’m moving from my parent’s house to a Kost (rented room) near my new office in Radio Dalam, he was asking me out to Gandaria City, a nearby mall for dinner. Since I knew nobody and this guy seemed nice, I said yes for the dinner. That was my second time visiting that place, I forgot where’s the entrance and totally lost. After crossing the road, he suddenly held my hand, I was wondering why, but I didn’t dare enough to ask. We both didn’t discussed it over dinner or even over coffee after. But after the coffee he held my hand again and said “We’re official ya..” And I was like… Whaattt?? Ehmmm okay.. I lost my words… hahahaha…

9 thoughts on “The early story ;)

    1. maybe 5 dates in total.. the other two was when he visited my dad that was in hospital.. in between those dates.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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