The early story ;)

As you all may knew, that we (me and mas Adi) were introduced by our friend, Kinon/Nonik (her real name is Anzelma Kariko) who were sit just next to me at the office, a friend for long hours chat over coffee and Baileys, a friend who actually has a totally different character than me but you know sometimes opposite’s attract.. or maybe trapped.. if that’s … Continue reading The early story 😉

Short Getaway on the Weekend

One of the task of being a Secretary or an Office Manager is that they usually often being asked to reserve hotel rooms for our office guests. Although it sounds very simple, it’s not that as simple as it seemed, especially if the special guest needs certain preference.

However, in the other side, Mulia Hotel really understands that the bookers sometimes want to feel the luxury and facilities of the hotel as well, not just doing the booking, so they could collect points and at after certain numbers it could be redeemed with several offers from the hotels.

And last weekend, I redeemed my points to stay one weekend night at Mulia Splendor room with my husband. It was a very relaxing weekend for us. Continue reading “Short Getaway on the Weekend”

Monas: Enjoying Public Space in Jakarta

Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, well known with lots of malls and shopping centers, not forget to mention, super malls. Traffic jam is unavoidable, not just in the peak hours (morning time and after working hours), but it seemed happened all day long. Jakarta government’s do a lot of development program such as MRT that gives an enormous impact to the current condition of Jakarta’s … Continue reading Monas: Enjoying Public Space in Jakarta

I’m back

Yes, I’m back to update my old blog. I use this blog again as a place to practice write a blog post in English. For you who don’t know me yet,you can call me Didut. I live in Jakarta and working for digital agency. I love food, technology stuff and sometimes little bit travelling. I use this blog to connect with my non-Indonesian friends. See you mate! … Continue reading I’m back

Hari Bebas Mobil di Solo

Ketika menghadiri kegiatan SOLO dari teman-teman Bengawan sekitar 2 minggu yang lalu, saya dan teman-teman dari Loenpia mendapatkan penginapan di Jl. Slamet Riyadi. Jalan Slamet Riyadi merupakan salah satu jalur utama yang membelah Kota Solo.

Nah di pagi harinya ketika kita bersiap untuk tur ke kampung batik Laweyan, saya agak kaget mendapati jalan raya didepan hotel ramai oleh pe-sepeda dan pejalan kaki. Ternyata di Solo diterapkan Hari Bebas Mobil (Car Free Day) oleh pemerintah kota Solo. Continue reading “Hari Bebas Mobil di Solo”

Hari Bumi Tahun Ini

Dihari bumi tahun ini, saya cukup mengumpulkan tas plastik kresek yang ada di rumah dan mengembalikannya ke warung tegal dimana saya biasa makan. Mbak-mbak warung untungnya sudah familiar dengan kebiasaan saya yang dirasa cukup aneh ini, kadang suka mengemablikan plastik yang mereka berikan atau membawa plastik sendiri. Selamat merayakan hari bumi dan semoga tempat kita berpijak ini tetap lestari. Continue reading Hari Bumi Tahun Ini

Rest in peace Rina

Pagi ini dapat berita di facebook dari teman-teman yang membantu fundraising Rina mengabarkan kalau Rina sudah tiada. Ini penggalan beritanya: Good morning, everyone. Rina has fought long and hard against the cancer which tried to take over her young life in 2007, but unfortunately Rina’s physical fight ended last night. Family and friends have expressed the actual pain which she has been experiencing, though she … Continue reading Rest in peace Rina