Short Getaway on the Weekend

One of the task of being a Secretary or an Office Manager is that they usually often being asked to reserve hotel rooms for our office guests. Although it sounds very simple, it’s not that as simple as it seemed, especially if the special guest needs certain preference.

However, in the other side, Mulia Hotel really understands that the bookers sometimes want to feel the luxury and facilities of the hotel as well, not just doing the booking, so they could collect points and at after certain numbers it could be redeemed with several offers from the hotels.

And last weekend, I redeemed my points to stay one weekend night at Mulia Splendor room with my husband. It was a very relaxing weekend for us.

We left the house at almost lunchtime to meet my friend first at Kota Kasablanka. It’s a super crowded mall where so many people chasing year end discounts or simply just want to spend some time on the weekend with family or loved ones.

We met at Marugame Udon. Happy, a friend of mine, asked so many questions to my husband about social media things, while I’m just focusing myself on the beef curry udon that’s super duper yummy and some fried side dish. Not very long, my husband’s friend came as well, his name is Mizan. We had some random conversations from the raise of unemployment lately and getting easy money from blog writing.

After that we (me and my husband) went to Mulia to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We went to Bakso Lapangan Tembak for dinner. I had Ayam Betutu goreng and my husband had Nasi Timbel. This is my first time visiting this place. Yes, believe it or not after spending my whole life in this city. Haha!

In the morning, I sat down by the pool just chill while enjoying my cup of hot chocolate. The weather was nice, not to hot and not to cold and not to windy as well. I’m very lucky because the pool guard let me sat in the suites area since noone was there and that was the perfect spot to see the pool and sky at the same time. Hmmm..

Oh by the way, Mulia has a new restaurant too called Bleu8. It’s located just by the pool but inside the building unlike before only available pool bar only. Bleu8 looked very classy yet comfy at the same time. You can order basically anything from Western food to Indonesian food, from breakfast to dinner, for a heavy meal or simply just for a coffee. I really like the details and the interior because it feels so modern and stylish.

After we checked out at lunch time, we went to Plaza Senayan to have lunch at Paradise Dynasty. We had Xiao Long Bao, braised Pork Belly La Mian and Pork Cheek with Thai Sauce. Those were unbelievably satisfying. It’s all so good and even my mouth watered while I’m typing this. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the afternoon, we went for Sunday churching at Santo Stefanus Cilandak. And it’s completed the wonderful weekend we had this time.

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